Rubber girl 2

  • Brand: The 俺の世界
  • Model cohi-039
  • Video Size: 1280x720
  • Data size: 3.64GB
  • Video Time: 1時間7分55秒
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  • ¥2,420円

  • Ex Tax: ¥2,200円
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前半 着替え&装着シーン&電マ責め、触れ合いなど。
後半 お風呂にて。シュノーケルをホースに接続して呼吸を確保し、水嵩が増して浮かんでいくまでを放置、観察しました。
※1 冒頭の着替えシーンなどの一部に、僅かにカクつきのある部分が含まれています。申し訳ありません、御購入して頂く際には予めご了承頂けると幸いです。
※2 動画のアップロード、転載などは犯罪です。私だけでなく、モデルさんや、撮影に協力して下さる方々へも迷惑をかけてしまう行為です。過去の作品においても既に対処させて頂いておりますが、くれぐれも行わないよう御願いします。
These sentences are written using a translation tool.
There may be a mistake. I want you to permit.
Perfect restriction play of rubber.
The first half ~Extra clothes,Attachment of a restriction tool,Massage machine,
The second half ~A snorkel is connected to a hose and it's sunk into the bath.
The file has been also made two-division this time because time of the animation becomes long.
An animation is divided completely, so when downloading it, please be careful.
※ 1.
A part with a lug is included in the part of the scene of extra clothes of the beginning a little. I'm sorry.
When buying it, please accept it beforehand.
※ 2.
Upload of an animation and reprint are a crime. The act to which trouble is caused to Mr. model and the person who cooperates in photography as well as me, too.
I'm also handling already in a work in the past.
Please take care so that.

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