20230923 Live Playback Director Cut

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I have watched the live broadcast of training done by Japanese predecessors a long time ago and I really like it. I took advantage of the live broadcast channel to imitate it once.

I didn't expect that such a live broadcast would be more difficult than shooting, probably because of the different ways of playing that are prepared

After looking at the schedule, TOKIME decided to leave work early and take a nap first, otherwise she said she wouldn't have the energy to stay up

In order to prepare faster, TOKIME dressed in rubber clothes and had dinner early, but despite repeated advance preparations, it seemed that there was always something to be done. As a result, the official start was 15 minutes later than the scheduled time

At the beginning, I noticed from TOKIME's movements that she was more nervous than usual during filming and her movements were a bit disordered, so I first stroked her head and let her lick my fingers to get her into a normal state.

After slowly entering the live streaming stage, I found it difficult to do live streaming and shooting at the same time by myself, so I gave up shooting the main film separately and used another camera to capture close-ups of TOKIME

Therefore, the entire mode is biased towards play, and I no longer pay attention to the camera, focusing entirely on playing with TOKIME and occasionally interacting with the audience

TOKIME reached the summit during the first stage of vibration stimulation, so she took a break and spent some time arranging props and chatting

The second stage was a treadmill with high heels, but TOKIME, who had put on a gas mask and a metal neck brace, couldn't see the environment clearly, couldn't control the speed and direction, and fell off the treadmill after a few steps

I'm a little angry here. I asked her to practice more before, but she just played games, so she kept pulling the iron chain on the metal neck bracelet. The swaying of the chain would cause the neck bracelet to tighten around her neck

She took a sponge pad and wanted to make her kneel down, but unexpectedly her feet collapsed and she fell down onto the pad. The neck brace was ripped apart by the iron chain, and TOKIME's neck was also pulled painfully, causing TOKIME to cry out in pain.

Later, I realized that she was really crying, and tears were streaming down her face

After the second stage of rest, the final stage is the restraint chair, which can be a pleasure for TOKIME

While being shocked, being slapped on the mouth, and being suffocated by the plastic bag, TOKIME had already collapsed on the chair

The audience seemed very interested in this scene, and the number of comments in the live chat room decreased. Maybe they couldn't type with both hands

Finally, after letting TOKIME climb up to the sky to remind everyone to pay attention to the volume, I removed the vibration tool and found the right position to make TOKIME make a shrill cry. Fortunately, the RF headset had a mouthpiece to limit the volume.

The live performance portion that was broadcast when the camera power was exhausted also ended. For the nearly three-hour live broadcast, the edited version was adjusted by cutting out the excess blank space.

After a few words with the audience, let TOKIME, who was left in the restraint chair, say goodbye to everyone, and the live broadcast officially ended

After getting off the chair, TOKIME didn't even bother to take off her head cover and just collapsed on the mat to rest. With heavy breathing, I still asked her to complete the final task, and TOKIME didn't refuse, even though she was weak and in pain, and still dragged herself to get busy

The entire process, from preparation to the process to the final cleanup, is three to four times more work than daily shooting. We will also learn from this experience and optimize the process. We hope to bring you a more interesting experience next time.

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