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After calculating the cost, the video props for this episode have exceeded 10000 yuan. Playing glue is really not easy. We hope everyone can support us a lot

The powerful props that have been chopping hands recently have been gathered, so why not put them together to create a larger one? Let me introduce them to you first, purely personal experience

1. The RF split latex headcover is so fun that it has no drawbacks. The quality and craftsmanship are all ceiling level. The front cover has a mouth plug, soft and solid, and the material is unknown. After the front cover is covered, the fit is 100%, and the neck extension sleeve perfectly solves the awkwardness of connecting with the gel coat

2. There is no need to introduce the Gas mask of VV family. We all know that it is a functional prop, and the middle part of the material is very soft, which meets the common conditions of closed oral sex

3. The confinement delivery chair, multifunctional furniture, can achieve multiple movements, is very sturdy, but it takes some time to assemble each time

Shi Yu was lost in thought as she watched the items arrive, and perhaps too many new things suddenly overloaded her brain

Today, she came over just after work and her formal attire was very beautiful. Due to the recent hot weather, her shirt had been a bit wet with sweat. Thinking about it, she soon transformed from a social white-collar worker to a latex doll, and began to feel a little excited in her heart

The skill of wearing glue by Shi Yu is already full. With a small amount of help, you can put on a set without a zipper in less than ten minutes. Therefore, we advise beginners and friends not to be afraid of the process of wearing glue

Her task today is to create a latex doll responsible for oral sex, and a 20cm transparent defeat is her toy for today

First, put on a hood with a mask and touch her body while not forgetting to play with her mouth

Slowly inserting the transparent piece into her latex mouth, the latex doll made a gentle moan, and the air friction from her nostrils made a pitiful sound

Wearing stiletto heels, she couldn't stand steady due to my thrusting, so she was left to operate it herself

Then put a Gas mask on the latex doll. The first form of the mask can restore the prototype of the mask, and the mouth cover can be removed to go straight to the mouth

So, a vibration prop was used to activate the doll's state, and the transparent part was directly poured into the mask and pushed into the latex mouth

This operation lit up the doll's state, took over two props, and worked together to self operate. Against the backdrop of the latex body and enticing movements, I mentally planned the part after the shooting was completed

The sudden whim caused the latex doll to have oral sex in front of the mirror, causing the visual sensation to explode. However, the doll was limited by high heels and a waist, and there was no visual restriction. The movements were not very strong, so I took the initiative to demonstrate to her by pressing her head, successfully touching her throat, causing vomiting

Next, we will use the first form of the restraint chair, which is a prone position with all four limbs restrained. Due to Shi Yu's small stature, the positions of the four cushions of this chair are much wider than her shoulder width, so Shi Yu's legs and arms need to be extended outwards, which is very physically demanding. We originally intended her to use this action to continue oral contact with the transparent parts on the mirror, but the action is limited and cannot be achieved. We need to use brackets to fix the transparent parts in the future

Here comes a little high face. She takes off the mask for the latex doll and asks her to lower her head and directly give oral sex to the transparent piece. She follows her head to control the rhythm and uses vibration props to provide stimulation, which is very fun. However, due to her head down, a large amount of saliva overflows, causing it to fill her nose and breathing holes. The latex doll makes a painful call, which I ignore. She instinctively opens her mouth and breathes through her mouth, But once the big mouth breathing mouthpiece will be sucked into the mouth, forming a very tight check valve. It is said that several times it still sticks to the throat, making the baby who cannot breathe have to cough uncomfortably and cry directly

This is Shi Yu's first protest against props

Then use the second form of the restraint chair, the four limbs are constrained to lie down, put on the RF headgear, put on the Gas mask, put on the Gas mask, put on the soft aircraft cup, and add lubricating oil. Every time the transparent parts come in and out, there is a friction sound of liquid

Finally, activate the confinement form of the confinement chair for childbirth, which is the most fun form. A vibration prop is also fixed in the middle, allowing the latex doll to finally reach the top

Put the RF front cover on the doll, and the overall sense of integration of the head cover becomes stronger. Open the top end of the vibration and watch the doll struggle weakly

In the end, I also used a cling film to wrap my face around all possible places where I could breathe in and out. I used to wrap it vigorously every time, and I have been liking complete restrictions lately

When the doll couldn't bear it anymore, her right hand slipped out of restraint and she pulled open the cling film herself, emitting a release like gasping sound

Of course, I will punish her immediately for pulling it off without permission, but in retrospect, it may be due to latex and oil that caused the belt to slip open, or it may be due to the unreasonable position of the belt. The limit should be set at the elbow position, and it will be improved next time it is used

Shi Yu said that she knew she would be punished if she took it off without permission. She usually wouldn't do this, and in the end, she was completely instinctive to break free and rescue herself

Since that's the case, I also have a reason (excuse) for punishment. Combined with the newly hatched evil idea, I still have to torture her in this midnight

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