Captured princess in a dungeon

  • Brand: わびさびもえ
  • Model wsm-001
  • Video Size: 640×480
  • Data size: 124.3MB
  • Video Time: 12分50秒
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  • ¥1,100円

  • Ex Tax: ¥1,000円
  • Price in reward points: 1000

A princess is captured and confined in a dungeon.


Scene1: Restrained with iron shackles.

Scene2: Bound and gagged on floor

Scene3: Bound to a grating and gagged


Genre: Damsels in distress (Female bondage)

Model: Aina

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Tags: Wabi-Sabi-Moe, DID, SM, Kidnapped.Bondage, Damsels in distress, Bound and gagged, Gag, Cosplay, Fetish