Completely restrained and suffocated by mamifification at SM Hotel

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I went to SM Hotel. This is the second time I see him. (Pseudonym A)
After arriving at the hotel, going through the room and talking a little
"Take a shower"
I went to the bath, and when I came out, the video camera and digital camera were already on the table.
I sat down with a bath towel next to A, who was sitting on the sofa, and he was buying a collar. I used to talk about collars, but I don't think I really bought it... It was a thin red collar that I thought was for small dogs.
I've always liked collars, but they haven't been worn for a long time, and for me it was a symbol of master-slave, so I resisted wearing them.
It's not his pet or anything... because he was repulsing in his head...
The resistance was void and it was easy to apply, and I had a comfortable pressure on my neck.
He made me stand up and blindfolded when I was completely quiet.
Stretch film is rolled upright. .. ..
"Oh, I can't resist this... I'm at my mercy..."
I was thinking about that and leaving myself.
When I finished winding everything except the neck, I tied the chain and the collar that stretched from the ceiling. .. There was something like a crucifix behind me, and I was leaned against it and my shackles were also fitted, and I was immobile at all and had my blindfold removed. .. ..
"I thought Aoki was happy."
In such a hand, there is a cellotape...
Previously, he had shown me a video that could be messed up with cellophane tape, so I instantly knew he could do the same, and I was ashamed to cry. ..
"Did you like being swallowed by a pig?
And... raise my nose and fix it with scotch tape. .. .. Even if you desperately turn your back, if you hold your chin with one hand, there will be no accumulation...
It's embarrassing and I can't open my eyes...
If he told me to open my eyes
"I don't want to open it so much-so I don't need to see it anymore?"
Then he put the tape on vertically so that my eyes couldn't be seen and his face looked weird...
I don't know what it looks like, but I'm sure it's embarrassing, and it's embarrassing...
I couldn't even resist... I'm sure I was wet at that point. ..
Even though it's a miserable face, he wraps his face in a wrap with a pedestal...
I can't even move...
It was embarrassing and miserable... I was almost over my tears.
Without even a breathing hole, I was desperately trying to open my mouth and suck in the leaking air. .. .. I'm sure it was going to be great. .. ..
At last I got a breathing hole in my mouth and I can put something in my mouth. .. .. It's a hose...
With the hose in place, the wrap is again from above...
"If I don't hold it tight, I can't help anymore."
I was threatened, and I had no choice but to hold a hose. .. ..
How miserable it looks... I can't see it, but it's easy to imagine...
Why do I feel like this...
I couldn't move, I was deprived of my sight, and my hearing was wrapped in wrap, so I could hear only about half, and even my breath could only be given through the tube...
It's embarrassing, it's painful, but my body wants it. .. ..
He managed to breathe through the hose, but he was heartless. Put your fingers in the hose to block the oxygen... terrible...
He wanted me to make a weak sound.
"If you can help me, I'll remove it."
"I'm sorry, please forgive me, but it's okay."
He said, trying to give me back. ..
However, I may not be able to say such a word because I may not be able to switch on M all the time, or if I say so, I have a patient personality and hate without losing.
After all, he was the one who broke first, and I didn't have to say that word this evening (laughs).
If you think that you have blocked oxygen, you can blow your own breath from the hose this time, and then suddenly you are squeezed by the air and you get a strange voice.
No... I'm embarrassed... Even if I thought so, there was no way to resist me, and he could do whatever he wanted. .. ..
When he got tired of it, he told him to go to the shower and left me alone and went to the bathroom. .. ..
Don't leave me alone... Though I think so, I can't say that, and even if I can speak, I can't say it from my personality. .. .. I just had to wait.
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