Dolls on the Beach And Drowning Doll Unconscious Wake up and keep sobbing

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Taking advantage of the low peak period before summer vacation, take some time to visit the island with rain for a few days

I bought a pornographic swimsuit for Shi Yu, and of course, it's essential to bring some equipment and props

Sure enough, there aren't many people on the beach during the off-season. We found a beach and started planning KIG's seaside photography. We bought a water bed at a seaside store, which is both comfortable and suitable for taking photos

Set up a tent on the beach and let Shiyu turn into a baby inside. Despite being afraid, Shiyu kept paying attention to nearby tourists for fear of being seen

The wind and waves were quite strong that day. The Shiyu doll, wearing a skull, sat on the water bed with great difficulty. Before she could float out of the sea, she was washed back to the shore by the waves, and her skull was wet. The seawater soaked her skin and spread into her hood, and the salty seawater blocked her smooth breathing

Finally, she pulled the Shiyu doll out of the sea and floated steadily on the surface. Shiyu was still nervous and shouted from time to time, after all, she couldn't swim

Looking at such a comfortable doll, I tried my best to attack her, but due to the relationship between outdoor and sea, this doll couldn't be put away at all. Looking around, my movements were stiff

After playing for a while, I brought Shiyu back to the hotel. I was still not satisfied, and after she took a shower, I took out the black mamba Zentai and asked her to wear it

Shi Yu also understood that putting on clothes meant the game continued to begin. She was also very cooperative in taking the clothes and was already waiting for me in bed when I came out of the shower

At the hotel, it is necessary to play with a prop, a pillow, because the pillows at home are all memory pillows, and it is rare to have such a loose style

Turn Shi Yu's legs up in a shy position and press the pillow firmly against her face

The process of suffocating a pillow is very delicate, and since childhood, TV dramas have had this kind of crime technique. Every time I watch it, I enjoy it very much. The muffled sound of Shiyu under the pillow and the continuous struggle of the body are the feedback that the abuser enjoys the most

Later, she directly suppressed Shi Yu's limbs with her body, pressed down the pillow, and then put her ears on the pillow. On the one hand, it strengthened the pressure, and on the other hand, she felt her painful call, body struggle, and weak pedal from a closer distance

I've been holding it down for a long time this time, and I can't even hold down the rain anymore

Before the game, I asked the hotel butler for a few plastic bags, which are very light and thin. These bags will tightly adhere to the face when inhaling, making them even more painful

Fold and connect Shi Yu's hands and legs back together, and put a plastic bag on her. Because the bag is not big, every inhalation of the bag will stick tightly to her mouth and nose. Looking through the transparent and tightly attached film, Shi Yu's painful expression is completely depicted in the contour of each inhalation

After playing with the thin bag for several times, I saw the Bin bag provided by the hotel. This kind of bag is more thin and can only be used when there is a hood. If there is no hood space, it will directly block the mouth and nose and can't breathe. Players should pay attention

With a playful mindset, I didn't expect to play too much

Shiyu, who was wearing a Bin bag, gradually became smaller after a period of time and began to beg for mercy, but I didn't accept it

And then the sound disappeared, and the body began to twitch

I immediately opened the bag and didn't see her breathing heavily

Every breath is small and fast

Then she slowly fell her head and began to stop moving, unable to hear the sound of her breathing

I immediately patted her face before she gave a response

Breathing in large mouthfuls at the same time

I knew it was a big game this time, so I immediately turned off the camera and helped her lie down. After lying down for a minute, she suddenly began to cry loudly

After crying for a while, I reopened the recording and recorded her feelings at the time, which will be played at the end of the film

Shiyu belongs to the type of silently enduring, gradually losing consciousness when unable to bear it, waking up afraid to start crying, comforting for a period of time before coaxing back

Even so, she still didn't refuse the previously agreed wet water play in the bathtub. She only cautiously brushed the water on her face after entering the bathtub, perhaps feeling really scared

So I pressed her head into the water with my hand, and the headband was completely wet. The fabric of the black mamba was too thick, which could carry a lot of moisture and put a lot of pressure on her breathing

The wet fabric was completely applied to Shiyu's face, revealing the painful contours. She repeatedly pressed the water three times until she choked and felt uncomfortable before releasing her

Shi Yu's physical fitness is still very good. After a lot of tossing and turning, he can also have a barbecue to make up for his mistake. He can continue his journey the next day, so everyone doesn't have to worry

A more complete chapter on beach dolls will also be updated on Bilibili. Interested parties can come and watch it

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