The Girl on the Anime Exhibition, Becoming a slave doll

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On May Day, the diffuse exhibition was accompanied by Shiyu's COS from KIG all day long. For the first time, Shiyu was very happy with the COS from KIG and transformed into a child without rest for an afternoon

I met a friend who was attending the exhibition and gave me a VIP ticket for the 3rd, but unfortunately, there was only one ticket available

Due to being busy taking photos on COS's day and not having a good time browsing the exhibition, Shi Yu expressed that he wanted to go again and also had to wear a KIG to go

So early in the morning on the 3rd, Shi Yu, who was in a half baby state, was sent to Manzhan

Because Manzhan had to brush her face and enter the venue, Shi Yu first put on her skin and didn't wear a headband. After passing the security check, she found a small corner in the venue and helped Shi Yu complete the final transformation steps

Although Shi Yu was a bit timid when he became a good child, he quickly adapted to it with some experience. He walked to the ticket inspection on his own, simply greeted me, and disappeared into the vast sea of people

I went to the coffee shop next to the exhibition hall, sat waiting for her, and occasionally reminded her to take more selfies

Soon, the rain sent out a lot of selfies, as well as taking photos and collecting stamps with many COSs. I suddenly felt a bit like placing games here

About an hour later, Shi Yu sent a message saying that he was tired from browsing and brought many posters. He didn't grab the lucky bag and had to come out with a box in his hand

I said it's too tragic, isn't it? Such a cute doll makes her hold a cardboard box and spread it all over the place. The visual sensation... the doll who was fired?

I ran out of the caf é to look for Shiyu, and sure enough, I saw her looking for me from afar, but my vision problem kept me out of sight

Hurry up and take her to the coffee shop to rest, afraid of the rain when the society dies. Don't dare to take off her head shell. Use the doll's rest method and lift her head shell to breathe fresh air

The weather in May is already very hot. It should be tiring to have been wandering around Manzhan alone for so long. In addition, there was a day of COS the day before, and soon the rain covered my head and leaned against my shoulder to squint for a while

There is a beautiful riverbank near the exhibition hall. As I planned to bring Shiyu over to take photos, I didn't need to take off my head shell. Instead, I drove Shiyu over to take photos. The photos can be viewed on WB or on Twitter

Finally, I brought Shi Yu back to the studio. To be honest, I've only been watching her turn into a baby these past few days on May Day, and I haven't played with her once. I can't bear it anymore

So she called Shi Yu to her side and asked if she could play games, but Shi Yu refused without hesitation

Various explorations began on Shiyu doll's body, and the doll also began to respond. It seems that she has been suffocated in the past few days. Although her body is tired, she still accepts it honestly psychologically

Shiyu cleverly approached me and touched me with her hand. Seeing her obedient appearance, she couldn't help but feel more tempted to torture her. She immediately wrapped her in a plastic bag and demanded that she continue to serve me with her hand

Shiyu belongs to the torture and enjoyment type of Dou M, and no matter how uncomfortable the call is, she silently endures it and never asks for mercy until the end

It wasn't until she couldn't sit steadily and fell to the ground, dancing aimlessly, and patting her head with my hand to show that she couldn't take it anymore that I finally let her go

Let the rain doll take off JK when she comes back. She is wearing cute bikini underwear inside, which looks very anime good with the doll

I'm planning to give her a new look. This is a leather outfit that's ready to be photographed by Shi Yudai. It's also considered a try on makeup first

From a pure and cute JK girl to a motorcycle cool girl with leather clothes and boots, she also added latex headsets and inflatable plugs during the dressing process, and put on eye masks. The motorcycle girl lost all her mobility and could only be at my mercy

The nostrils of this latex headband will be mostly compressed by the edge of the mouth plug. After putting on the skull and then pressing on the nose, there will only be extremely small breathing space. The rain will adjust it multiple times because wearing leather gloves cannot fix it properly. I am impatient and won't allow her to continue adjusting

As a result, Shiyu continued to serve me with difficulty and pain, and it was very satisfying to watch her increasingly uncomfortable appearance

Later on, Shiyu couldn't help but lift her head and breathe without my consent. I can understand, but she still needs to be punished for this reason

Wrap her in a plastic bag and then put on her motorcycle helmet. Under the pressure of the helmet, the breathing space is only limited to the facial area

Then, using the vibrating toy, the cry of Shiyu immediately increased, but the sound was muffled and pleasant through the barrier of the helmet

After playing with it for a while, Shiyu's physical strength was almost exhausted, but her mission as a slave doll had not yet been completed

Take out the headband with a mask and put it on her, then use rubber gloves to put it on to prevent getting dirty

Pour lubricating oil into the inlet sleeve, let her stir it evenly with her fingers, and then start her work. The work content is fragmented in the Dirty Night Theater

After working for a period of time, due to not meeting my requirements, I began to impose additional penalties, continue to put on plastic bags, and add vibration toys

Due to the recent work, Shi Yu accumulated a large amount of saliva, which flowed back into his nostrils. Shi Yu's breathing sound was accompanied by a strong sound of water

After a while, Rain began to struggle fiercely and screamed loudly. It wasn't until his nose directly choked on his saliva that Shi Yu began to cry in fear

I couldn't help but feel heartbroken. Give her a big breathing hole to catch her breath

As soon as it quieted down, Rain quickly became obedient again, without any complaints. After touching his head, he began to continue serving with his hands

The follow-up work is also polluting the night. Interested viewers, please search hard

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