Cosplay series Episode 1 Alice with gas mask paralysis breathcontrol orgasm Action maintenance ToKiMei's most painful experience

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In recent years, many friends have suggested that I take COS. To be honest, although I am also a anime actor, I seldom see the popular characters, so that I have no idea about which role to play. Sometimes, even if I have an idea, I can't bear to buy complicated C clothing props

Until I met Shi Yu, the sister who is interested in COS, she knew more about popular dramas and female roles, gave me a lot of roles in Kepu Amway, and also introduced me a lot of C-service stores

After our discussion, we decided that the first role was Alice, which should be known to all of us

Of course, Alice's most perfect solution is to make pink gel coat, but because the rainy season is about to return to school for a period of time, the customization of gel coat must not catch up, so now the C service shop has chosen PU clothes

The goods were received soon after the clothes were ordered, but the wig could not be delivered until the shooting day, so we had to replace it with the original wig

At this time, I changed my mind temporarily. Let's take a gas mask version of Alice first. The KIG version will not be taken until the next wig and gel coat arrive

In the cartoon, when the girl wears a gas mask, her hair can also cover the mask beautifully and will not be affected by the mask belt, so this time she also wants to restore this method

I put the latex microporous head cover on Shiyu's belt first. Shiyu asked why he should wear the head cover and then the mask. I said it would make me feel better

In fact, the fit of the gas mask and latex head cover is very good, so it will never leak

Sure enough, after putting the mask on the rain belt, gently block the air inlet with your hand, and the mask will collapse due to inhalation, which is proof of complete sealing, and the collapse looks very sensible

Give the rain belt a good wig, and put two ponytails on the wig in order to approximate Alice's double braid shape, completely dressing her as a doll

Carry her the sniper gun. I changed the color of the gun myself. Because Alice's original prop gun is a little simple, I bought another one to change the color. It's a magic change of Alice

Although PU leather is much inferior to gel coat, PU leather has its unique touch and sound. After all, before the popularity of gel coat in China, the most shiny fabric is PU. Now the new feeling has aroused the former feeling

When the clothes are used to touch the body of Shiyu, the PU makes a sticky friction sound. This suit of clothes has no chest pad, so it touches the real chest of Shiyu

She was blocked by the headdress and mask, and made a voice like a quilt. Her body honestly gave all kinds of feedback. Her body drove the smooth PU skin to rub my body, which made me rise to press her against the wall, let her hold the wall and pout her butt, and arbitrarily rubbed her body

The texture of the clothes and the petite body are a perfect match. I cover her air inlet with my hand from time to time to appreciate the concave shape of the mask and her feeble voice of stretching silver

There must be three pieces of gas mask. Shiyu hasn't experienced the negative pressure bottle yet, so give it to her immediately, and add more than half the bottle of water from the high difficulty

As soon as the breathing tube was connected, Shiyu's breathing sound was replaced by the bubbles in the bottle. More than half of the water put a lot of pressure on a girl who didn't exercise very much, but Shiyu still tried to hold on for a long time, and still didn't give up in spite of all kinds of touching interference

In order not to make the rain too tiring, I reduced the amount of water for her for the second time, and then watched her panting

Because the mask needs to be changed with the breathing bag, Shi Yu took off the gas mask and took a rest. By the way, she lay on her stomach and tied a straight arm and open leg four horse with a rope

Sure enough, it seems particularly interesting to do restraint projects for COS characters, and the fantasy images are richer

Put on another gas mask, and then connect the breathing bag together. According to the later statement of the rain, the head will be pulled by the neck when tied with the straight arm. The head must be kept up after connecting the breathing tube, so that the breathing tube will not be pressed, so this action is very uncomfortable, it is a test of physical endurance

The paralysis of hands and feet, combined with the restriction of breathing bags and the constant stimulation of electric toys, also kept her head up, so that she said it was the most painful time

I also felt the unbearable discomfort when editing later, and hurriedly asked her if she had left any psychological shadow

Fortunately, Shi Yu, a strong man, endured without complaint, and finally was unable to make a sound due to the restriction of his breathing bag

After lifting the shackles, let Shiyu take off the mask by herself. Her feeble hands struggled to take off the mask. She talked weakly and didn't forget to say goodbye to the camera

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