• Brand: FACE EATER
  • Model FE-003P
  • Video Size: 2808×1872
  • Data size: 838MB
  • images: 220枚
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It is a collection of FACE EATER brand third photographs.
I send a woman covered by various clothes, masks.
The woman dressed in the mask which invades a certain mansion when I obtain a confidential information. However, the woman who receives torture by the hobby that is found mainly and is arrested, and is strange of the mansion. Like it from acceptance, oneself gradually though resist it intensely; of the world pass deeply, and set foot. Oneself indulges in pleasure while changing various clothes and masks, masks in sequence, and taking care of the master of the mansion…
If there is a thing mentioning heartstrings, I would appreciate it for a hand.
※The copyright of this work belongs to adon and FACE EATER and forbids the second use such as a reproduction, the reproduction without permission firmly.


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