Buny girl tormented by continuous carbon dioxide emissions

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This film has a high level of difficulty in operation, based on the long-term cooperation and understanding between the two people. Those who have not met the conditions should not try it easily

My call control fetish was infinitely inspired by a foreign film about a bunny girl's self ZX, so I have a very deep impression of a bunny girl, especially when I put a plastic bag over my head and then put the bunny ear on it, which pokes me deeply

Today's TOKIME turned into a doll and put on a patent leather bunny girl dress. The big rabbit ears are very conspicuous, and the small tail on the buttocks is particularly attractive

But today I have to control her breathing, fiercely

Warm up session, plastic bag+tape, and command her to tear the plastic bag to save herself when she can't bear it, because the tape around her neck is not easy to tear, the only way is to forcefully pull open the bag

TOKIME cooperatively breathes in the bag evenly. With the rapid breathing, she begins to stand unsteadily and squat on the ground

When the rain started to get unbearable, she started trying to pull the plastic bag, but her breathing restriction made her powerless. She pulled several times but couldn't break it, and after several failures, she became even more powerless

Then there is the transparent latex breathing headband, which has two sizes, one large and one small. Last time we used the large size, but this time we will also use the large size first

Unlike the last rubber head cover, this head cover will not produce sticky cotton with the breathing head cover. With a large head cover, there is a lot of breathing space. TOKIME can breathe in it for a while

When it came time to change the trumpet, I knew it must have been torture, so I specifically tied her hands behind her

After the small head cover is put into the head shell, the remaining space is already very small. The latex material can be completely close to each other when breathing in TOKIME, which is quite appreciative

After several control links, the carbon dioxide concentration in TOKIME's body should reach a certain level

The final wave came, convulsing and slipping off the chair, causing both hands to hang and the whole body to stiffen

I am still very calm in the face of this situation because I understand very well what state she has reached at this time

After I put down TOKIME for a while, I heard her slowly start breathing again. At this time, I need to hold her in my arms and comfort her

Next is the reward time, such excellent performance deserves a good and strong reward

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