Full Body Shrink Film Co2 Breathplay

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This is another creative project.  I'm very interested in the effect of shrinking.  I've played with shrink film a lot, but what would happen if I could wrap myself in shrink film?

So, they found an extra-wide industrial heat-shrink film.  This film comes in many widths, and according to the shoulder width of TOKIME, they selected two sizes to ensure it fits her.

This film has no upper and lower seals, allowing for free control of length, and the seals on both sides only need to be heated and clamped using a straightening iron

The sunshine on the day of the shoot was very good, making the picture very full and warm.  TOKIME chose to wear a black zentai with glue, and wore a human-shaped head covering until I came back.

This style is often worn when she plays with me recently, so she may have worn it habitually

I bought a black neck guard and tried it on her as well.  The medical neck guard completely immobilizes the neck after being worn.

The plastic of the heat shrink film is very unique, it has to be slowly fitted into TOKIME's body, and it will also stick to the rubber head covering.

After the sleeve is fitted, let TOKIME lie down and start the first heat shrink test.

The first time I used a size with a circumference of 200cm, it was a bit too large for the body of TOKIME.  Apart from the torso part retracting well, the head and feet also didn't retract very well.

And it is not supposed to wear a neck protector, which creates a very large empty space

Even so, after fully retracting, it can still withstand a certain amount of torture.

First, she was constantly exposed to hot winds and high temperatures in the bag, and the sun was shining directly on her, making the all-black clothes even more absorbent of heat

The exhaled carbon dioxide condensed into water vapor, fogging the bag.  TOKIME's breathing became increasingly heavy, with every inhale drawing in the hot and humid air.

Until ten minutes later, when I cut open the bag, a warm current surged out.  I felt her body was already wet, I don't know if it was water vapor or sweat

After taking a break, I still suggested that she change into a black zentai, wear a KIG, and put on a recently-bought full-head helmet

After locking the head shell, I began to put a small-sized bag on the doll.  This time, I took the approach of first standing up to shrink the back, and then lying down to shrink the front

Sure enough, this method is much tighter than the first one.  The heat shrink film can tightly wrap the parts that should be tightly bound, without being as loose as before.

There is much less space in the head this time, and the full-head shell is less breathable than the human-shaped head covering.  The breath exhaled will remain inside the head shell, so this time, TOKIME feels more painful than the last time.  In the end, he can't even speak, and begins to experience a headache.

I am still not satisfied with the tightness, especially the large space between the neck and chest, which means that I have to do a split.

On the third attempt, first leave the heat shrink film unsealed, slide it over the body, exposing the head, then grasp the excess heat shrink film behind the body and heat and bond it with a straightening iron

Even though it hasn't been heated yet, the whole body membrane is almost wrapped tightly around the body, which looks very satisfactory

Then comes the very tight heating process.  Wherever the hair dryer goes, the film is tightly attached to the body, making it the tightest time and the effect is very good.

But due to the tightness, when contracting the feet, TOKIME didn't stabilize himself and fell heavily, causing the membrane to burst open.

Luckily, the carpet is relatively thick and soft, TOKIME didn't suffer major damage, but it will have to be redone entirely.

After repeating the operation, I got another humanoid toy that was protected by packaging, except for the head

Cover the head with the remaining heat-shrinkable film, tie up the neck, and start shrinking

Although the two bags are difficult to fit at the neck, this is the most compact effect

With the increase of carbon dioxide content, the actions of TOKIME become increasingly subtle, and the sounds become smaller and smaller...

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