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KIG or Femask? Extract or inflate? This issue is already available

A few days ago, I browsed a video and found the video account of a girl named Kiger. Many of the videos were very cute, so Amway praised Shi Yu and praised her a few words in front of her

I didn't expect this to make Shiyu unhappy for the first time. It seems that she doesn't like me praising other Kiger girls

After coaxing her, she said she could do it and do it better

I said that's good. I'll put on all the equipment for you, and you're the strongest. Shiyu agreed strongly

Perhaps she never expected that this deceitful phrase would be truly fulfilled, after all, getting angry with me still requires punishment

Recently, I bought a lot of props for nurses and prepared to take a set of flat photos of the dark nurses. On this day, I called Shi Yu over to try on her costume and asked her to wear a leather and dark nurse suit

Just as Shi Yu was preparing to wear a leather headband, I put a latex microporous headband on her first

Shi Yu: What's wrong? Aren't you trying on a nurse's outfit?

It was already too late for the question at this time. I had a pile of props hidden behind me, quickly took out the Desire Peach Mask and put it on her. I also replaced the back straps with ties

Not finished yet, followed by the leather headband. It was really not easy to put the leather headband on the peach, so I had to force it in without mercy. Sometimes the rain caused it to flip forward and back. After tying the headband, I saw that the combination of the headband and the headband was very beautiful

At this point, the breathing of the rain had become very rough and difficult, and the airway for breathing had been heavily obstructed. However, this was not enough, and it had to be completed by wearing a KIG skull

Since she is a young nurse, she must wear a mask. By wearing a latex mask on her scalp, she can complete the dressing up for the rainy season

At this point, insert a remote controlled peanut under her and start it with the app to get a nurse doll who can't stand up and has severe shortness of breath

The nurse doll couldn't keep her body squatting on the ground. She didn't dare to sit down yet, and the pressure on the peanuts felt even stronger when she sat down

After persisting for more than ten minutes, the nurse doll's breath began to gasp for breath. Guess to remove some of the barrier and keep it on the layer of desire for peach

Watching her rest, I realized that I had missed a piece of equipment, so I calmly flipped out the latex breathing headgear

She put on the leather headband again, put on the breathing headband, and then put on the skull, so the ultimate form is complete

The nurse doll in this state can only moan and express dissatisfaction. Due to the limitations of the breathing hood, she can no longer hear the rapid breathing sound. She must slowly maintain a little rhythmic breathing, and the remaining space inside cannot allow her to breathe heavily

But with the activation of Little Peanut, the nurse doll completely broke the defense and kept shaking its head to beg for mercy

It was still time to remove armor and reach the point of desire for a peach. At this moment, Shi Yu expressed that he had lost oxygen and was feeling dizzy

But the punishment is only half way through, and there is also a sudden whim project. Standing up with a vacuum bag can see more angles of the body and struggle in more directions

Although she did not use all the props in this state, she still wore a skull on the desire peach. As soon as the vacuum bag was tightened, the little peanut opened, and the nurse doll began to lose its footing in the bag. The dizziness of lack of oxygen made her lie on the ground, struggling weakly, and even trying to open the bag with her hands

When the rain was already exhausted, I told her that you had to go into the whale and not use a breathing tube

The inflation pressure of a whale will press tightly against every inch of the person's skin inside, so if she doesn't bite the breathing tube, her mouth and nose will be completely pressed. Now she is wearing a skull, which is relatively blocked and pressed tightly, and she should still be able to breathe a bit

Sure enough, after being full of air, the whale could still hear a little bit of breathing, but later, according to Shi Yu's description, the head shell compressed by the inflation pressure also pressed directly against the face. Under the tight fit of peaches and micropores, there could only be extremely soft and forceful breathing space, and it was my fault that the inflation was too full

Originally, there was still room, but that's not enough. Next, without a skull, just zip it up and inflate it

Now there's completely no room left, and the little whale even starts dancing happily

After everything was over, Shi Yu regained her freedom. That night, she had always stayed up late and went to bed at 10 o'clock. The next morning, she happily told me that she had a good sleep and that she was in good spirits today

It seems that this is a special treatment for staying up late and insomnia

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