Gag ball Kigurumi and Gag ball Actress A lot of saliva

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I haven't seen Xiaokui for a long time. I have a plan to shoot a nun suit with Xiaokui. It was originally planned to shoot outside last year, but it was delayed because of the epidemic

I didn't ask her after the seal was released, so I asked her to take a picture of the nun's dress this time

This time, a friend gave a black cat ear shell with a mouth ball shape and a lock. It should be nice to build with a nun

But the mouth plug of the head shell is just a shape, and has no real effect on blocking the mouth. So in order to keep the appearance of the inside, it's better to block the mouth of the middle person, Xiaokui

Wearing a curved inflatable mouth plug, the mouth will be filled immediately, and the voice will be sharper and better

The unique posture and reaction of Xiaokui is the most ornamental of Qianggao. It makes her kneel on her stomach and raise her hips. Her slim figure shows nothing

The kneeling movement made her drool flow out, and the carpet was wet

Then lift Xiaokui's hands, let her feet slightly pad up, put her on the cat ear shell, and the abused cat ear nun finished

After using the vibrating toy to excite Xiaokui crazily, her saliva seeps into her head shell, flows out from the seam and dampens her clothes

Finally, use rope M to tie Xiaokui's legs and tie his hands behind his head

Her feet are cute and helpless, and a sense of shame passes through her head

The stimulated Xiaokui can only breathe through his nostrils and produce a sharp amplitude sound through his skull. His body also shakes more and more

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