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After a long Spring Festival holiday, Shiyu finally came back from her hometown. During the Spring Festival, she always talked about travel with her, so she mentioned the game of luggage

Unexpectedly, Shi Yu said that she liked to hide in the wardrobe since childhood, and felt very safe when curled up around, and said that as long as the suitcase had enough space and would not put her body on it

With her words, I will immediately order the suitcase. Considering the long time storage, it is better to choose a large size suitcase

Finally, I found a box with a maximum size of 100 inches, which is very suitable. Compared with Shiyu's figure, 50 inches should be enough

For a more comfortable experience, after the arrival of the box, the lining, buckle, waterproof cloth, etc. will be completely removed, and several layers of sponge mats will be laid to ensure that every part of the body will not be placed

Make a hole on the top of the box. Originally, the box made a breathing hole interface for the gas mask, but for fear of being too conspicuous, we used a plastic hose and made a fixing clip on the inner layer to fix the hose in the box, which is slightly less conspicuous (should be...)

It is also very interesting to record the situation in the box after punching and installing GoPro

The next day after everything was ready, Shiyu came back and couldn't wait to let her lie down for a test. Unexpectedly, the side width of the box was a little crowded, and Shiyu's feet and waist were still squeezed. Now the new large size suitcase has this problem of long strip, which is really not suitable for people

This problem will be improved in the later version of the luggage compartment. Now we can only tolerate the oppression of Shiyu with grievances. Fortunately, Shiyu's gentle personality has not expressed any dissatisfaction

Let Shiyu quickly change into a baby. The baby box is where XP lies

The head space after baby change is less, and the curling action of the rain is obviously more uncomfortable than the normal state, but at the moment I just want to cover and lock the lock smoothly

The destination of the first part is the hotel where Shiyu stays. It's about 15 minutes' walk, and the time is 2 pm. I will push a box with a KIG doll through the busy downtown

Go to GoPro to record the whole process and go out after preparation

Just after arriving at the elevator, someone was waiting with me. I was a little nervous. I was afraid that the rain would make a little noise, but I could hear it clearly in the elevator

It's much better after successfully walking out of the street. Although some passers-by look at the huge box, it won't cause any trouble

Don't forget to take a picture of the box on the way and share it with friends in real time

After finally arriving at the hotel, in the elevator of the hotel, the heartbeat was the fastest

There are many people in the elevator. They go in with their heads stiff and cover the breathing hole with their hands

Arrived at the room and let out the rain. She said that her feet were numb and the bumps on the road made her dizzy and a little sick

It's hard for her. Let her have a rest first

Till 1:00 p.m., it's time for the late part

First, the head with the gas mask is absolutely sealed, the hose is connected to the air outlet, and then the rain can breathe fresh air through the pipe

The late night of the downtown is still not quiet. The passers-by are still in twos and threes, and the vehicles are still passing by

Push Shiyu under the street lamp. It's safer here. Then turn on the remote control toy, and Shiyu's voice begins to come out

After a while, I saw some passers-by approaching, so I changed a corner of the hidden spot. When the passers-by went away, I took out the prepared wet towel and laid it on the breathing hole

After some shaking and page-control play, two security guards passed in the distance and stared at me all the time. I also quickly pulled the box out of the corner. I can't hide at this time

Just after the security guard walked away, the rain was almost half an hour in the box. According to the situation in the daytime, her feet should have been completely numb, so she was pulled back to the hotel

The way back to the hotel was very smooth, but GoPro had no power before arriving at the door of the room

Then the camera was shut down due to overheating. I didn't pay attention to the opening of the case when I gave it to Shiyu, so I missed the process of recording the opening of the case. It's a pity. I'm also sorry

I was tired after the rain came out of the box. I couldn't help playing with her body

Later, Shi Yu said that the journey at night was not so bumpy and felt better, but he was still nervous and afraid and didn't dare to shout and move

I also plan to change to a wider box next time, and I have to find a remote place to travel

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