- Seain's Kigurumi Initial Experience - Lovely maid dress is swimsuit below? Feeling good after losing consciousness?

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Last time, Shi Yu was an ACG girl, so she wanted to take a KIG shot in a C suit

However, today's better quality C clothes all need a long construction period. We measured again and again, and Shiyu finally chose a maid suit

This maid dress is a formal one. Because it is not astringent at all, it feels more pokey

Shiyu chose the short-sleeved skirt, and I finally decided on the long-sleeved skirt, which felt more special

Due to the delayed meeting time, Shiyu's skin and skull have arrived

The new skin is very close to the body, and the new head shell is also very delicate and lovely. When Shi Yu sees the head shell, he can't help wearing a round of selfie (see Twitter)

I also prepared a black patent leather swimsuit, and wanted Shiyu to wear it in the maid's suit. Unfortunately, I bought a small size swimsuit. After wearing the leather, the swimsuit was very tight, which seriously affected the movement and breathing, so I had to decide not to wear it first, and then change it in the second part

When Shi Yu put on the leather to prepare the condom, I didn't ask her permission. I put on a microporous condom for her first, and then helped her put on the leather. Shi Yu didn't resist or complain

Think of her as a beautiful doll, put on clothes, comb her hair, let her stand in front of the camera and show herself first

Unlike K9, when the movement was suddenly free, the rain began to be stiff and nervous. The movement was very unnatural. I had no choice but to give guidance

Whisper in her ear from time to time to make her forget herself and completely replace herself as a doll, while gently stroking and tapping her to remind her that she is just a stuffed toy

Under the stimulation of the vibrating toy for several times, Shiyu could not stand stably without control, so he put her on the ground and gave her the vibration to operate

U1S1, the feet of Shiyu are really beautiful, slim and straight. Even though they wear a layer of leather and black silk, they still don't feel thicker. Under their own operation, their feet move involuntarily, and their bodies also continue to shrink and stretch, which is a very standard DIY action for girls

Shiyu hasn't tried real restraint yet. Although K9 restricted her hands and feet, she was still able to move freely. So this time, she was given an uncomfortable and unable to move package

First bind the rainy legs with hemp rope, and then put on single gloves

The maid is equipped with leather single gloves. XP is stabbed into the sky. Then the single gloves are hoisted, and Shiyu leans forward. Her flexibility is OK, and her arm is always pulled up

Then connect the thigh and neck with the rope, install the coyote, complete the set meal, lift the skirt and hair with the hemp rope, and complete the whole art-like action of the doll

According to the statement later on, this action is very uncomfortable and helpless, so we have to be at the mercy of others. We should stand on tiptoe to keep a position when wearing high-heeled shoes, otherwise our body will shake and pull our arms

Once the sensitive position of Shiyu is found, it will rush to the gc very quickly. Under this difficult action, the body will become soft when stimulated, and finally apply for unlocking

After putting her down, I felt that she immediately relaxed and breathed strongly, so a bad idea arose

After asking Shiyu, can I endure for a while without untiing you?

Rain nods

So I took a plastic bag, put it on her and quickly restored her restraint

Shiyu probably didn't expect this. I immediately started the coyote and raised the gear with a series of hits, which is the highest gear ever

After a period of time, Shiyu stood unsteadily, knelt heavily on the ground, and pulled back the handle of her hands, for fear that she would be injured. Fortunately, her flexibility was good, and she was not injured at all

Narration of Shiyu: I just wanted to breathe at that time. The electric shock was very stinging. I wanted to tell you that I could not stand it, but the head cover was too tight to speak, and my mouth could not move. When I was breathing, I was unconscious. When I woke up, I found I was lying on the ground, and the plastic bag was torn

Fortunately, Shiyu has a strong character and good health. After a short rest, he is full of blood and revived

Take off the maid's dress, and immediately become a doll with a sense of xing. Both hands and feet are bound on the steel pipe, and the sound of the friction of the iron chain is loud

Vibration support is set up on the steel pipe, which can stimulate this sensitive body all the time

Here let Shiyu challenge the plastic bag again. Tell her to play well this time. I want to see her limit

After Cheng Lue, Shiyu insisted on the result of 5 minutes at the end, which was good for the newcomers just contacted

Finally, watching her unable to collapse on the stool, I asked her to take off her head shell and expose the latex headcover covered with leather. I touched her and found a layer of heat on the headcover

It can be seen that Shiyu is very tired, but I have a small agreement with her that there will be some small games after the shooting of the feature film, so Shiyu will continue to play some small games in the form of a doll after that. This part of the clip does not belong to the feature film, it exists in a corner of the world

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