little dog bondage girl crawls 、tickle、orgasm 、 Human dog

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There is a large-scale plot under the compulsion.
Wake up in the sleepy night, appeared in front of actually is a double horsetail Luo l pup.
The puppies looked very weak, and even did not adapt to the crawling posture. They could only crawl one step at a time. As a caring young man in the new era, of course, he should help the poor dog learn to crawl with rope! So first fold the forelegs, then fold the hind legs, and gradually train the puppies to crawl.
After the pup learned to crawl, the owner began to ride on her, so that the baby dog used folded limbs to bear the owner's weight, and behaved as the owner's ride.
Because the puppies are too stupid to climb up the master's bed with folded limbs, the owners trample on the bottom and chest of the puppies for compulsory punishment.
After the puppies were unable to climb to bed for many times and failed to release the folded limbs, the disappointed owner decided to execute the puppies
[execution content]: pinching the neck + scratching the center of the foot, TK + stepping on the foot
The little poor puppy ended his life in this way.

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