cute Chinese girl bondage and tickle 01

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Model information: according to sauce
Height: 155
Weight: 45
Dingdong, caught a wild loli √
I caught a wild loli sauce this time, it is a small wild cat ~
Yi sauce is a relatively rebellious loli, because it is the first time to contact with this aspect, so it is very rusty, and the character is not a very gentle type. It belongs to a small wild cat that can scratch people ~
But Yijiang also has a strong curiosity about binding and restraint. It is a type that has been very interested in binding since childhood, but it has not been awakened ~ so Yijiang asked me to want to experience the feeling of being bound.
So I decided to start this loli taming plan, Yi sauce is too rebellious, not at all obedient. Such bad children need to be educated ~
First, tie Yijiang into a horse, it is the ultimate horse with a rope to force your head up ~ Then start to scratch your feet ~ Yijiang is the most itchy girl I have ever seen, but only a few scratches on the feet ... Crying ... yes, just crying ...
Because Yi sauce is the first time to experience training .. plus Yi sauce crying is too miserable .. In order to have the next time, I decided to let her go ~ Start the pig horse decoupling experiment ~ Let Yi sauce try to struggle. rope
But Yijiang is so stupid. . I could n’t solve it, so I helped her to solve it a little bit.
After helping Yijiang many times without fruit, Yijiang still has no way to release the restraint on his own (I obviously have mercy on his staff ...)
So according to the first unbonding experience in Sao ’s life, it failed
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