Bondage Hanging Breathplay in Zentai

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In the recent continuous cloudy and rainy season, I feel lazy all over my body. During the small and long holidays, I spent every day in the coffee shop reading novels, and I haven't seen TOKIME for several days

Finally, TOKIME couldn't stand it. Few of them asked me. The cute words and her pitiful expression aroused the attributes in my body

Although the binding of the rope has always been half a barrel level, it is still possible to ensure that the binding is strong and firm

This time, we tied the broken leg and the back small height, and used the crane to pull TOKIME's body up, so that she could only kneel up with her knees to keep her upper body balanced. Every shake of the rope would further tighten TOKIME's body

Since that's the case, it depends on her big movements and struggles, and the swimming cap is the fastest prop

There is not much space reserved. Try to put it on the rain head. Immediately draw the outline of the face with the swimming cap and make her cry

As she repeatedly begged for mercy and rarely uttered words she didn't want or didn't want, her voice grew louder and louder, afraid of affecting her neighbors. I slapped her in the face through my swimming cap, and she immediately stopped speaking, but her uncomfortable moans didn't stop, still carrying a crying tone

How does it feel to be slapped at this extreme state? I forgot to interview TOKIME

Finally, as she took off her swimming cap, she breathed heavily and quickly. After her breath subsided, the sound of sobbing followed

Crying can relieve life stress and be beneficial to the body, so we need to do it again

Prepare a hanging knot in advance, put TOKIME's neck on it, tighten the knot, pull the crane up, and TOKIME's body was pulled up. She straightened her waist quickly to ease the neck, but it was useless. Her feet were tied up, and soon she could not adjust her posture, and her neck was tied

Neck tightening can make people make a better sound. TOKIME makes a more gripping moan

In this state, breathing is still possible, but the trachea is restricted due to compression, and both feet need to try their best to maintain support points, otherwise the neck will be even more uncomfortable if completely stressed

Of course, the difficulty will continue. I added a breathing hood to her and pulled up the noose again

Then use the upper vibration stimulation to disrupt the breathing rhythm of TOKIME. At this time, I don't know whether it is pain or pleasure, which accounts for the greater part

After watching her suffer a lot, he lowered the noose for her and took off the headgear. TOKIME's lips were slightly purple

TOKIME started to cry just now, and after she got rid of it, she became more emotional. She bit her lip and continued to sob. I comforted her and made her cry

Finally, it's the reward section. Let her lie in my arms and give her some comfort

Massage the whole body gently with your hands, and TOKIME's sensitive body immediately gives feedback

Just before using the vibration reward, I put on a transparent, non porous breathing headset for her and then opened the vibration gift package

I didn't expect to overlook the fact that this headband cannot be used together with the rubber headband. It will continue to stick tightly to the rubber headband, and the space will become smaller and smaller, getting closer to the face. Whether inhaling or exhaling, it cannot be separated

In this way, TOKIME still painfully received her reward package. When she took off her head cover, she found her lips were purple. Fortunately, when I wanted to take a close-up, she had recovered a little blood

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