Latex Maid Hood Linked to the owner crotch

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After the adult exhibition in Shanghai ended, the image of the latex maid couldn't be forgotten because full clothing couldn't be displayed on the booth, and she had to be replaced when she returned this time

The black and white maid outfit is very eye-catching, with black silk chosen for the lower body, making the semi transparent effect more attractive

This time, Xiao Hei's skull has been reinforced and can be moved freely. Of course, the inner layer has also been equipped with an RF headband and mask, and then Xiao Hei is added

This fully reflective maid doll has been completed, and the design is perfect

Recently, we have been developing for TOKIME. This is the first time to prepare a fully integrated toy. I don't know what the effect will be

Without informing her, I began to perform internal implantation

-The following is a self narration by TOKIME-

The master took off my stockings and panties. I thought I was going to use a vibrator to touch my skin, but I felt like I had already come up

But suddenly it was found that the position was not right, it was in the lower position. The owner first applied a slippery and cool liquid, probably lubricating oil, and then began to push it in

But the puppy has never been inside (panicked) before. It has only used a finger that is so thick, so it's a bit scared when it's thick

First, my mouth was blocked and then I stuffed it inside. There was a slight pain, and the piercing sensation made me scream (cry)

Before I could react, the owner asked me to support myself. I thought it was the kind of long one, but when I touched it, I found it was made of a base that fits my lower body

Then the host helped me put on my underwear and stockings, and it started to vibrate, so comfortable

But I feel like there's something missing. The owner asked me to stand up, so I can't stand steadily

I feel like it's both a pleasure and a torment, very comfortable but not deep enough

The master came over to help me push in, I really like it... It's even more comfortable. I feel like the pushing force is at the center of the flower, but before I climax, the master stopped and asked me to do it myself, but I can't use the force. I want the master to keep helping me

Feeling good and useless, when my body reacts... I want and feel ashamed... sob

Later on, I kept wearing it all the time, but standing up, sitting down, and moving caused it to slide out a bit, so I had to push it in by hand. It was also very comfortable to pick it up

I feel like my underwear is still too soft. I should tie it with a belt or rope to prevent it from slipping out

It hurts so much when it's finally pulled out

-End of self narration-

Then came the new equipment prepared for her, a pair of latex shorts connected to a headband, and that's how I wore it for the first time in my life

The pants were too loose and the headband was relatively large, but it didn't affect the use either. The only issue was that the connecting sleeve was too long and needed to be folded up. It seems that the boss looked up to me too much

Put on the pants and headgear. The breath of TOKIME spreads to my thighs and flows out from my trouser legs. It's a bit numb. Gas massage is also a fresh experience

But if TOKIME wants to contact me, he needs to fold up the pipe sleeve, so that the air flow will be blocked and become a call control tool

When there is a negative distance between her mouth and me, my tool becomes a strengthened call control device. Because the headgear has no nostrils, TOKIME's breathing in it can only be maintained by randomly finding gaps

This kind of service is very painful for her, coupled with the still built-in bonus, she screamed helplessly and begged me to let go of her. However, I pinched the tube sleeve with my hand and watched her fully retract it as she inhaled, shaking her head in pain and struggling

This download version has recorded rich content, and after ending the painful headgear service, I was inspired to try the mouthpiece service

I really didn't expect a completely open mouth to bring a different feeling, and watching her drip water on the latex skirt while exercising is even more beautiful

Finally, TOKIME made a request, saying that she had almost reached the climax just now. If she wanted to have another try, she had to agree. She should be rewarded for her hard work just now, but she had to wear Xiao Hei. I wanted to see the complete picture of the latex maid being pushed high

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