Vision Hearing Talking All Deprivation Latex JK Girl Breath Play

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Use silicone earplugs to tightly plug into the ear, and slowly press them to fill the entire ear canal with silicone

Tear a piece of bandage and stuff it into your mouth, adjust it evenly to fill the inside of your mouth, and then wrap it tightly with self-adhesive bandage

Take out a super thick blindfold, and after wearing it, there will be a darkness inside, as long as the two nostrils are connected to the outside world

This female student is wearing a full-body latex suit today, and then she puts on a JK uniform made of latex as well

Give her a tie with a uniform, and then put on latex gloves. The whole latex female student is presented in front of me, and she also flirts with me, silently attracting me to touch her body

I have implemented multiple ways of calling her, and she can't refuse me now

A transparent nonporous latex breathing headpiece was placed over the female student's rubber headpiece, and the two rubber materials stuck together, leaving her very little breathing space

At this time, she was bound to the stool with handcuffs and shackles, unable to struggle much, unable to make any noise, and not knowing whether there were still people around her

She kept shaking her head, indicating that she was in great pain, and her breathing began to become blocked, giving her a sense of suffocation

After removing the breathing headgear, I fitted her with a black headpiece because the headgear was relatively large, and Ah Hei's head was squashed open, but it was fortunately able to be closed

After having her head shell added without breathing holes, her breathing was significantly obstructed and she was subjected to intense vibrations

The struggle was too intense, and the front bangs of my head fell down. Fortunately, I caught them, and they almost got ruined

Try to use a transparent breathing mask again, but the black head is too big and failed. On the way, the head shell fell off again, which was thrilling

Then use a gas mask and breathing bag to continue to torture her. Due to the headgear, the face squeezed by the mask should be very uncomfortable, but it is useless for me to ask her how she feels, she can't hear

This training for the female student's breathing control was very effective. Due to the mask and rubber headpiece, which can also produce sticky and viscous effects, the seal was very good, and she could only breathe the faint gas in the bag to maintain her life

After everything, the girl continued to fulfill her obligation to serve me, with the addition of lubricant, and it was very fast

I didn't plan to let her go so easily with such a beautiful look. After everything was over, she was still placed like this for a while, just for pure placement. It was too boring to record in the main film, so everyone can imagine it for themselves

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