Latex human furniture Ashtray and Masturbator Cup

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model Latex_036
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 699 MB
  • Video Time: 38分22秒
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ¥2,750円

  • Ex Tax: ¥2,500円
  • Price in reward points: 2500

Put a restraint on her body, put a plug to connect the ashtray, and ordered her to kneel beside me and not move. TOKIME began to stand still, becoming a human furniture

Light a cigarette, slowly admire her whole body, imagine the constraints she endured and the stillness she tried to maintain. What is she thinking now

Every time she flicks the soot, she touches the cylinder side, and the plug in the rain mouth will have a leverage effect, and she even makes a gentle murmur

Until a cigarette burns out and the cigarette butt is extinguished in the cylinder, the accompanying sound becomes more pleasant to listen to

I really want to smoke a few more and enjoy this moment, but unfortunately I have already quit smoking

Generally, it will take a longer time to place, but the shooting can't stay still all the time, so first, TOKIME's mouth plug was removed, and she had to prepare for the next project

Latex human mouthparts are an absolute sex fetish. Bring her to my side, let her directly enter from a small entrance, and use her tongue to lick up little by little

To be honest, I need to constantly force myself to be distracted during this process, otherwise I will quickly surrender under this skin and verbal skills

Another fun way to prevent disarming is to force deep throat. When pressing TOKIME's head, she feels very good. When touching the inner wall of her mouth, she feels very real and wrapped

TOKIME bent down in this constrained state and was unable to raise her head for a while, so without my help, she would have been staring at her throat and enduring the continuous torture of nausea

To prevent entering Sage mode, this game needs to be paused for a moment to reward this hardworking little girl first

I plan to have a direct contact experience this time, which is to shake the toy without separating it from the clothes. This operation is my first attempt

Let TOKIME turn over and press on me. We usually use this action when playing. Then we open the forbidden zipper and stick the vibrating toys on it

When the switch is turned on, TOKIME's body hesitates to get an electric shock, which is several times the usual reaction

She said it seemed like there was an electric current flowing into her body and reaching her brain, stimulating her hands and feet to tighten her muscles

I have never seen her body react so strongly before. She let out her moans to her heart's content, but fortunately, she used a mask with a gag in her mouth

The short reward time has already exhausted her, and the girl's body is really fun

After the reward, it is the actual practice time. As a humanoid mouthpiece, more training is needed to reach the most burning mode

TOKIME changed into a headbite cover and did not know the size of the new penis in front of her. After pouring the lubricant directly into the mouth cover, she applied it evenly and began to practice

Quickly, she realized something was wrong and began to turn her head to complain about being too big to eat, but I ignored her and forced her to eat

This size is really a bit big for girls' oral cavity, but TOKIME still insisted on eating it, and gradually became accustomed to it. Although it also constantly pushed up to the throat, it was also pretty good

Watching this process can be considered pleasing to the eye. Replace it with a small one and let her continue practicing, while also having one in hand at the same time

This set of movements makes my heart itch, it's a bit like being in a state of multiple people

Seeing her doing well, I'm not too busy adding excitement to her and putting her into a more seductive state

At the end of the most painful moment, as I pressed my head to the deepest point, TOKIME couldn't resist it. As soon as I sat down on the ground, a sound of vomiting came out, and then I shook my head crazily. I cried, struggled, and pulled my mouth cap outward. I knew that the most difficult physical reaction was triggered

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