In Latex Hood Go Out at Night

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Although several people who played too high-profile outdoor activities were investigated recently, I have always wanted to try the excitement of outdoor activities, especially the outdoor activities that passers-by cannot see from the surface.

The weather in Guangdong is very unstable.  These days, I'm ready to wear rubber headgear, leather restraint clothes, black silk leather boots, and use a motorcycle helmet as a disguise to drive out for a ride as the temperature drops.

Who knew that when the temperature rose again that day, the leather restraint clothing was very thick.  I was worried that TOKIME might get suffocated in the headgear and helmet, so I decided to wear regular leather clothing instead.

Nonetheless, TOKIME, wearing a short leather dress, black silk boots, and a plastic head covering, is very attractive.  This head covering can maintain a decent field of vision, but with a thin film blocking it, the vision will be blurry.

Then wearing a motorcycle helmet, the obstruction from the black goggles further hindered vision, and TOKIME could only see the basic outline of things.

It's good, it reduces her phobia of going out, and she just set off

After going out, following behind TOKIME, I realized that a large patch of my neck was exposed and couldn't be fully covered by my helmet.  If the weather were colder, I could have used a scarf to cover it, but there's nothing I can do now.  Let's just make do.

The most nervous part every time I go out is taking the elevator.  If passersby come in the narrow space, it must be very embarrassing to be stared at with the look like TOKIME.

Fortunately, no one entered during the whole trip, but when we reached the first floor, there was someone outside the door.  A young man stared intently at TOKIME with a 100% eye-catching move.

Late-night pedestrians in the city still continue, and during the time I was taking out my car, many passersby also curiously stared at the look of TOKIME, not knowing if they had noticed the back of her neck.

On the ride, when it was unbearably stuffy, TOKIME secretly opened up her goggles a bit, so that the cool breeze could relieve the pressure inside her helmet.  However, as soon as she saw a car passing by, she immediately covered them up, fearing of being discovered.

Finally, we drove to a less crowded area, and TOKIME took out her phone to open her goggles and take a selfie.  Her voice, muffled by the helmet, sounded very faint.  She didn't dare to say much, and she still looked rather nervous.

When I reached the dead end by the river, there were few people here and no surveillance.  But tonight, there were still a few people fishing.  I drove to the end of the road and turned a corner, where the fishermen could not see me.

TOKIME fumbled to get off the car and stumbled as she leaned on the armrest.  I asked her to take off her helmet, and although she was reluctant, she slowly removed it.

TOKIME, who exposed her black vinyl balaclava, felt extremely uneasy and tried her best to cover her face with her hands.

I interrupted her and started to move my hands around her to relieve the tension.  I was also a little nervous, constantly looking at the turning position

Wow, there really is an electric car coming.  I saw the headlights approaching, so I immediately turned off the camera light, picked up the helmet for TOKIME, and put it on him.  (This part was so intense that I also turned off the camera.)

The electric car came near, probably looked at us for a moment, found that the road was at the end, and turned around and left

After that, my heart felt much more calm.  At this point, I was not likely to be spotted by passers-by.  As long as I noticed someone coming around the corner in time, I would still have time to respond.

So I picked up TOKIME, sat on the armrest, took out a vibrating toy, and started playing it boldly.

TOKIME should be trying hard to control herself not to cry out, but still couldn't help but cry out a few times when strongly stimulated.

The outdoor activity was indeed exciting.  As I listened to the moans of TOKIME and kept an eye on the road conditions, I pulled out the plastic bag when I felt things had stabilized.

I didn't expect to see the car's headlights again after taking the bag, so I quickly turned off the camera light and used my body to block the light from TOKIME.

Fortunately, this time the car found a dead end and quickly turned around, avoiding a false alarm.

So, I started putting plastic bags over the black latex headgear.  The glue of the headgear and the plastic material of the bags would adhere to each other, causing many parts of the bags to stick to the headgear, greatly reducing the breathing space.  The bags quickly became misty from TOKIME's breath, and I also started using a handheld camera to record her first outdoor breath control game.

Just then, I suddenly heard the sound of a bicycle chain behind me. A passerby riding a bicycle was already not far behind us. Even though we immediately turned off the lights to block the rain, they could still see us clearly.

However, TOKIME was in an uncomfortable state.  I told her to keep quiet, but she simply couldn't, still gasping and making noises.

I tore open the plastic bag, held TOKIME, turned my back to the passers-by, listened to the sound of his bicycle chain turning around and then leaving.

Before he left, he said, "Play breathplay here???"

After confirming that he was far away, I immediately made TOKIME wear his helmet.  I packed up my things and immediately drove away.

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