20231208 Live Playback Director Cut

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Due to various reasons related to the TOKIME magic week, I haven't been able to shoot videos during this period.  So, I want to do a live stream and chat with you guys, updating you on my recent situation.

Due to a long time without broadcasting, I almost forgot the settings of the live broadcast room, so the opening was not smooth.  There was also a connection interruption in the middle, but with the efforts of the backstage staff, it was quickly fixed.

After extracting all the air, while playing with the sensitive and easily protruding dots of TOKIME, I interacted and chatted with everyone, telling them about the fun things I did last week at DW.

From time to time, I also touch TOKIME's breathing tube, letting her cries enhance the atmosphere.

Later, it was discovered that the vacuum bed had been leaking badly, and it was found to be a problem with the breathing mouthpiece.  When exhaling, air would flow into the bed through the gap between the mouthpiece and the mouth.

After changing to a mouthpiece later on, when TOKIME presses her mouth close to the breathing hole, there is no more issue of air leakage.

During the live broadcast, the vibrator suddenly broke down, which affected my mood for a long time.  Forcing is one of my hobbies

So, he kept playing with her respiratory opening, inserting his finger to seal it tightly.  This sealing method would even prevent the sound from escaping.  In this state of silence, he still asked TOKIME to lick his finger, watching her violently wriggling without uttering a single sound, this scene had a discordant beauty.

In the end, for some reason, the vibrating toy miraculously recovered and immediately allowed TOKIME to take off a wave.

Every time it hits the center, TOKIME will arch its body, as if it has also broken through this layer of latex.  Especially after taping over the respiratory hole, the struggling movements become particularly intense.

After a series of actions, TOKIME chatted for a while in the liberated vacuum bed.  She had originally planned to go out for an outdoor activity after the live stream, but her physical strength couldn't support it anymore.  The outdoor part will be added in a couple of days.

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