Cyber Toy Doll PVC Inflatable Bed

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  • Model Box_003
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  • Data size: 612MB
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Recently, I've become very interested in novelty items.  Whenever I see interesting inflatable or air-pumping props, I'll collect them and let TOKIME try them out.

This time's PVC inflatable bed is claimed to be the most pressure-resistant series, stronger than a whale, and TOKIME was immediately given a trial use upon its arrival.

After the trial, it was found that because the bed becomes a cylindrical shape when fully inflated, it lacks the structural features of a whale, so the pressure on each part of the body is very even, and the support structure within the bed also helps to increase pressure, making it very comfortable to lie down on.

After inflating the bed, it has the feeling of a plastic packaging box for handmade toys, so there is a fantasy of the plot in the main film

The ordered adult doll arrived today.  After unpacking the express package, the doll was placed in a transparent PVC inflatable protective sleeve

The protective cover is tightly wrapped around the inside doll, which is a black humanoid body that can be dressed in any clothing and face

The protective cover has an opening in the head of the doll, exposing the face of the doll.  When you get close to watch, you can hear a slight breathing sound, and occasionally a small moan

After all, there is a stuffed girl inside.  Before ordering, the customer service will provide options for what kind of girl to choose as the stuffing.  I chose a petite girl with a submissive personality.

I touched the face of the doll, felt its body temperature through the cloth, slid my finger to its mouth, and the doll cooperatively opened its mouth and gently bit my finger.  It was indeed a submissive personality

It is said that the doll has built-in props, which can be activated only through the mobile APP

Sure enough, when it was started up through Bluetooth connection, the doll immediately increased its sound and tried to twist its body, causing the protective sleeve of the cylinder to sway slightly

Seeing this shaking, I'll try to turn the protective cover over first

When I turned it over halfway, the doll made a cry for help, as if it was afraid of being turned over, but the protective cover was well protected in all directions.  I pushed harder and turned the entire bed over

The doll has become a prone position, with all its body weight on its chest.  The sound of the doll's cry is louder, but it cannot move, so it has to endure silently

Unzip the package and let the doll crawl out by itself.  Put a latex breathing mask on it and then put it back into the protective bed

I tried to sit on the bed and lie down, but the doll couldn't bear the weight.  I sat on its chest and increased the pressure on its breathing by a little weight, and the breathing headpiece immediately contracted sharply

Watching its breath being suppressed, I suddenly felt empathy and covered its only breathing hole, causing it great pain.  Doll is used for this kind of play

After a bout of torture, the doll was panting and groaning in exhaustion, so I stopped using the built-in props and let it lie down and rest inside

At night, I changed her into the latest miko style this year, put on a cute KIG headpiece, and put it in a protective case

It's like a handmade figure that has just been unpacked and hasn't yet been removed from its protective packaging, which is very beautiful

I also opened the vibrating toy app, set the level to maximum, and watched as the clear indicator lights between the doll's legs lit up, accompanied by its increasingly intense cries.  I quietly admired the new joy the doll brought me as I began to plan

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