Full Body Latex Human Doll Puppy Combination

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  • Model Latex_034
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  • Data size: 700MB
  • Video Time: 38分39秒
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November is the K9 season agreed with TOKIME, because this month is TOKIME's birthday, and her birthday wish is to become a dog to celebrate

The day of shooting was TOKIME's birthday, so she became the most advanced humanoid dog

TOKIME's beautiful figure is outlined in the latex clothes and waist. Recently, the diligent exercise has achieved good results, and she is put on a new human head cover. The whole latex figure feels carefree, and she seems to lose her biological characteristics and become a statue

The breathing of the headband is not very smooth, and the vibrating sound of the exhaled airflow rubbing against the nostrils of the headband reminds me that it is wrapped in a girl who is today's birthday

After a series of skillful wearing K9 suits, the little dog began to happily crawl around and occasionally approached me

After some flirting, I will equip her with new equipment and develop fields that TOKIME has never set foot in

I bought two hooks. To be on the safe side, one was big and the other was small. But TOKIME hesitated and chose the big one. She really chose it herself

For the first time developing the anus, apply more lubrication and slowly rub it to allow the oil to be fully wiped. The little dog begins to wriggle its body, unsure if it is nervous or excited

After finally successfully entering, the little dog let out a scream, which was a bit painful for the first time

But after adapting, it improved a lot. I took out the iron chain, connected the hook to the pull tab of the dog headband, and made the little dog straighten its waist and head up, otherwise it would be pulled by itself

This operation is undoubtedly not very user-friendly for beginners, and the puppy also needs to receive crawling commands

The following crawling was carried out under extremely painful sensations, with the little dog making a stimulating moan while struggling to crawl. Sometimes it needed to bend down to rest, but if it lay too much, it would tighten the hook

After playing for a period of time, the little dog began to beg for mercy, let her rest for the first time, and even give her some rewards

During the reward period, don't forget to cover the breathing hole of the headband with your hand. As long as the breathing hole of this headband is blocked, it won't be able to suck in air at all. At the worst, it will make the little dog dance and cough and vomit in pain

Next is the second round of hooks, where the puppy transforms back into a human form, hands and feet are fixed, and the hook is connected to the collar. It is also necessary to maintain a back leaning posture

Simultaneously performing vibration stimulation in this state can cause pain and happiness, especially when shaking the hook, the human figure makes a trembling cry, the hand unconsciously extends, and the whole body tightens

In this fixed state of the hook, even if her feet were unfastened, the human figure could not stand on its own, but just rolling on the mat made her feel very good

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