Handless K9 Kigurumi JK Girl

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As early as a month ago, I ordered a set of K9 leather.  After going through TOKIME's magic cycle, I can finally play happily.

The difficulty of K9 leather is putting it on the feet.  During the trial, it took a lot of effort to get the feet in. This time, I used bandages to fold the feet and tie them up, which made the process much easier.

After putting on the whole suit, a young girl with short legs appeared.  Due to the constraints of the whole suit, she was more hindered in movement compared to a K9 suit.  At the beginning, even changing her posture was beyond her ability.She gradually adapted over time and found the technique.

Give her a JK suit to wear, then put on a headpiece and match it with a pair of pony tails.  She looks like a doll who has lost her hands and feet, moving her limbs helplessly on the ground

After putting on the dog headgear, he began to play with JK's puppy.  The puppy struggled to turn over from a lying position, tighten its waist, and support its body, before it could crawl on all fours

The K9 skin is naturally formed without any protective cushions, and the puppy is climbing while gasping in pain

I played a game of catching a ball with her.Due to her limited vision, the puppy couldn't find where the ball had gone at one point.  After finding it, she had to slowly adjust her posture before she could reach it with her small hands and gently push the ball forward.  She lost her balance a few times and sat down, unable to get up.The movements were very cute.

Finally, the puppy smoothly returned the ball to me, and I gently stroked her head as a reward

Of course, some practical rewards are also necessary.She has been climbing for so long, let her lie down and rest. After the puppy obediently lies down, first stroke her belly.She will feel ticklish and swing her arms and legs.  Follow the belly up and you can touch the puppy's little bear.  Because the K9 skin does not have a vest for breast implants, this time the puppy is also the real culprit.Although it has been squashed a lot by the tight skin, it can quickly build a hill by poking

After a series of vibrations, the puppy experienced a small high-speed movement.  Perhaps due to the role being played, the puppy's struggle became more intense, with its little legs waving in a cute and adorable way.

After the first wave of playfulness, TOKIME took a break, as his arms and legs had become severely numb from long-term folding.

Afterwards, she put on knee pads and elbow pads, re-strapped her feet, and put on leather again

This time, a latex oral sex mask was added, because during the previous incident, TOKIME was very afraid of the mask and shook her head to refuse, but she was still forced to wear it.

Then, a mouth ball was placed on the muzzle of the hood, which was just large enough to fill the muzzle, but because the surface was pulled, the breathing hole was also pulled onto the lips, forming a respiratory barrier

Now, TOKIME can only breathe through tiny gaps, and just like this, she is again transformed into a puppy doll.

Walking the dog with a chain, listening to her heavy and rapid breathing, after a few laps, the dog could not walk anymore and shook its head to show its pain

Opening the skull, I saw that the mouth ball had been pushed out a little.  It seems that the puppy used its tongue to push the mouth ball out in order to have more breathing space.  This is not allowed and must be punished immediately.

I made the puppy sit up straight and put her hands on my thighs.  I painfully forced the mouth ball into her mouth.  The puppy immediately let out a painful cry, but I didn't stop.I kept pushing the mouth ball until the breathing hole was completely inside her mouth, and then tightened it to secure it

This made the dog's remaining breathing space even smaller, and she could only breathe very hard, barely maintaining air through the expansion and contraction of the hood.  However, this amount of air was far from enough, and soon she struggled and began to resist, but her limbs were still restrained by my legs, making her struggle ineffective.

This method of holding the breathing hole with a mouth ball is quite interesting.  I continued to play with this method several times and even held her crawling in this state.

Finally, the puppy breathed too hard, sucking the muzzle down to its throat, retching and shaking with its breath held.

After releasing her, Shiyu gasped for breath, saying that her headband was already covered with saliva

After taking off the K9 skin, both knees and elbows were swollen, and he looked pitiful and complained that I used this oral sex mask

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