Latex Inflation Vacuumbed

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The love for the vacuum bed can be said to be one of the top-ranking props, but unfortunately it is too cumbersome to assemble and disassemble every time, so it has not been used frequently

I saw Qianzhi K's new product, the inflatable vacuum bed, just recently.

The principle is to use an inflatable mattress instead of a vacuum bed's combined frame.  I was very interested at the time and immediately bought it.

I received the goods quickly and couldn't wait to try assembling it first

Sure enough, the "assembly" method is much more labor-saving than the ordinary vacuum bed, and it is just a matter of putting the latex sheet into the inflatable mattress.  It is faster for two people to operate

After testing everything is fine, let TOKIME prepare to go in, earplugs and headgear for protection are essential

Let TOKIME enter this time, it can better touch her body parts

As the mattress inflates, the entire purple surface immediately becomes three-dimensional, with the mattress occupying most of the space of the bed sheet, so the latex bed cover has been tightly wrapped around the surface of the person in the middle

After sealing the opening, you can start pumping out the air.  Again, use their pump, which is both quiet and has enough suction power

Slowly, the entire shape of TOKIME was outlined by the latex sheet, highlighting the patterns of both the mattress and the person sleeping on it, as if the mattress and the person were made as one.

TOKIME needs to open its mouth and rely on the respiratory opening to maintain breathing

The tightly wrapped chest only needs a little provocation to raise the small spots, which looks very chic through the film, and the entire massage feeling is even more wonderful

Blacken your hands and apply tape on the breathing hole to completely seal the vacuum bed

TOKIME, who cannot breathe at all, feels a strong contraction in her abdomen, maybe it's too tight. TOKIME can't make any sound

With a body that could not move a bit and a mouth that could not make a sound, relying on a little weak struggle, I felt that she was lying in peace inside

Due to the gloss on the bedsheet, the tape was still broken by TOKIME's breathing force, and she took a rough breath in a little breathing gap, as if to tell me that what I just thought was wrong.

Let TOKIME stretch out her tongue from the breathing hole for play, but the tongue completely blocked the breathing hole.  On a sudden whim, she tried to clamp her tongue with a clip.  She had to pull the clip apart hard to retreat her tongue and get呼吸.This time, the clip used was relatively easy to pull apart, so next time, she'd buy wooden clips.

Connect it to her and use the breathing tube, use the vibrating tool, block the tube with your fingers, and vigorously vibrate her until you see her shaking.  Only then release your hand and listen to the rapid airflow through the tube.

I felt the vibration was too weak through the film, so I opened the bed and gave the prop to TOKIME, asking him to place it in position

After pumping out the air, the button for vibrating the prop can be clearly seen.  Directly turning up the gear and putting a plastic bag over the breathing tube allows TOKIME to take off.

Because many people asked about the difference compared to an ordinary vacuum bed, so later in the interview TOKIME shared her feelings:

The biggest advantage is that the back is very comfortable, and it feels like you can lie in it for a long time (as long as you're not asked to walk with your feet turned inward, which can cause soreness if you do it for too long).

Although there is no pressure from the film on the back, it will still be very tight, just like an ordinary vacuum bed

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