Leather Breathplay Confinement Customized packages for enthusiasts

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As for hobbies, I have two: leather and breathing, while TOKIME has one: confinement

She has said before that she has always liked hiding in the closet because it feels safe.  The last time she suggested rolling up the quilt, it showed her love for hiding in a small space.

My love for leather is growing, and I still have no resistance to the whole body leather clothing and leather boots with leather headgear.  However, I have read many novels recently, and I can't forget the setting of "crotch breathing tube"

Of course, it is not easy to achieve a crotch breathing tube in reality.  It is likely that the tube will be compressed during the activity, causing danger.  It may also be that my cognitive ability is not sufficient to achieve it. I will try a head-mounted breathing tube first.

Tightly wrap the head with plastic wrap and insulating tape, and then repeatedly wrap it for several layers to ensure no air permeability, while holding a three-way tube for oxygen inhalation in TOKIME's mouth

After packaging, test the airtightness by holding the air opening with your finger.  TOKIME's breathing immediately stopped, replaced by body twisting and attempting to intervene with her hand, but it was only a instinctual reaction and she didn't have the guts.

The airtight test is OK. Connect the two breathing tubes and pull them to the top of the head for fixation.Then put on the leather head cover.Due to the interference of the tape and the increase in thickness, the head cover has to be hardened.  The outline of the breathing tube emerges on the surface of the head cover, extending to the empty space on the top of the head and pulling out.  Now she can only rely on these two tubes for survival.

(Actually, it would be better to connect the three tubes at the top of the head and merge them into one hole extending out of the head. Unfortunately, there were no spare parts on hand, so I will save this for my next experience.)

Then I had another whim, pulling out TOKIME's exclusive helmet for her to wear.  The helmet's inner lining is very thick and might even press on the breathing tube, which should be quite funny.

Sure enough, TOKIME said it was stuffy in the helmet, but she still consciously closed her goggles,  might it also be a form of confinement?

After wearing the helmet, TOKIME's voice became further muffled.  Despite this, she was still played around with by me. This time, there were no fake breasts, it was all real bear.  In the end, she even cooperated and took part in making a few short videos.By the time she took off the helmet, she was already breathless.

To meet the confinement requirements, I specially bought a large moving bag made of PVC material.  It's not only thick, but also very hot inside

Putting on the single glove with the head cover and breathing tube, filling it and securing the bag, let her slowly enjoy inside

Until the moment I opened the bag, A hot gas came out,  and TOKIME also fell to the ground, gasping

In the final session, which was customized by TOKIME, I shared my favorite porn with her one evening.  She sent a picture of a horse in a four-legged position

So, the four-horse binding package consisting of a hood, a single glove, a K9 leg flex cover, and a chain was created

Because the boots had to be worn all the way in, the entire leg cover had to be disassembled and re-installed.  The ring at the end of the single glove was attached to the footcuff, and the iron chain was connected to the head cover and wrapped around the leg ring.  The head was pulled up and the iron chain secured

A leather horse tied up the young girl is complete, except for the exposed thigh area, TOKIME is completely covered in the constraints of leather and clothing

Looking at this very satisfying shape, I couldn't help but take out a vibrating prop to add some movement to her.  Is it uncomfortable or enjoyable to be stimulated by this action?

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