The self BreathPlay game of the Kigurumi bunny girl

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The long vacation is over, and Shi Yu has returned from his hometown. The talk of awkward things during the holiday can be realized early

I wanted TOKIME to show me the whole performance, but she seemed to be too shy to face me, so I had to remind her verbally

She is very obedient to my orders, but she can't always achieve the level of compulsion when she shakes herself

After completing a small task for the first time, I still couldn't help but take the initiative

Under intense stimulation, TOKIME's breathing had begun to quicken, and soon she let out a cry for help, shaking her head to indicate that she couldn't go on

But I didn't let go of her until she reached out and grabbed my pants, and I felt her hand start to shake

Then she saw her body begin to twitch, and her fingers twisted and could not straighten

Immediately, I ripped open the plastic bag and found that she was not breathing. I immediately gasped and her entire body was slumped

Close observation shows that there is still a trace of breath, and slowly the sound comes back

Shi Yu said that she just opened her eyes and then everything went black. She didn't know she was reaching out to grab me. She gradually woke up with her eyes open

It means she lost consciousness with her eyes open, and woke up with her eyes open again.

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