Marketplace User Agreement

Article 1 (scope of application)
Terms are applicable to the sale bidder of Talaat, it sets the Terms of content and separately at the time who use the service and deemed to have received the consent to both of the "Terms and Conditions".
Article 2 (identity)
The sale bidder, when there was a submission request documents to verify the identity of the seller like from the Corporation cocoa soft [hereinafter the "Company"] is, selling bidder driver's license, such as the health insurance card, name and current address to submit sure the documents that have been proven by public institutions.
The seller like you can not according to your submission of these documents, and the payment of the freezing of the gold sales, the fact that it may be allowed to stop selling the treatment of goods in the total sales, sales bidder in advance note it wants to be.
Article 4 (banned products)
In Talaat, the following items, please keep in mind that it does not can sell.
= Goods in violation of the law =
So-called uncensored videos, child pornography, voyeur or video and image was created without the consent of the subject, products that infringe on a copyright held by a third party, such as those that infringe the portrait rights and privacy of others fall into this category you, but it is not limited to these.
It should be noted that, even in all clothing items, all products that children and students of underwear under the age of 18 is reflected is regarded as child pornography, and the sales ban.
= Product model of age and identity can not be confirmed =
If the subject merchandise to try to start selling in the Talaat is present, on your preparation what you always can check the age and identity of the model, objectively prove to be photographed or manufacture under the consent of the subject agreement possible, agreement, or be sure to prepare the analogous thereto, and then decided to give full consideration to prevent trouble.
We shall be able to seek the submission of this certificate if necessary. Certificate can not be goods or products you can not get your answer, it will be deleted without prior notice.
= On the promotional representation =
In the description of the goods to be sold in Talaat, when the use of expressions such as to suggest that the subject is less than 18 years of age and, when using a description, such as if there is illegality, the conventional wisdom It shall be restricted to the upper acceptable representation.
Also at that time, in any of the explanatory text, that the subject is 18 years of age or older model, that you have the consent of the model, indicate that you do not go any act in violation of the law, illegal it decided to pledge in all description of the goods that do not sell act.
Of products that have been suggesting explain the illegality, these pledges can be no goods or formally products was judged to be described or made have not been judged to be merchandise,, it performs an illegal act it is determined that what was produced, it deletes without notice.
= What would be expected of trouble =
Model there is agreement, and also a product fabricated by 18 years of age or older subjects, it is determined that objectively have trouble or risk thereof, when is possible to stop selling judged to be appropriate Ltd cocoa software stop selling the product without the consent of the seller, you want to be able to carry out the deletion.
= Other things we have deemed inappropriate =
Others, even if the commodity it is determined that the inappropriate in our, in advance, or the reason directly on who will explain to the user like after the fact, it might be the deletion. Please note.
Article 5 (deletion of products)
The Company, with regard to inappropriate products and delete the following procedure. It should be noted that in that case, that there be performed without the sales bidder prior notice, the seller like you decided to acknowledge.
Our personnel do, if you have found inappropriate items in the patrol of the regular web site.
If the sale of inappropriate products was contacted that the have been made to our company, and if the person in charge of our company was a decision that there is the fact.
It is determined that there is a possibility falls violations, if despite the request to submit a certification that do not apply to violations in the sale bidder from our company, not get the submit.
Incidentally, when it is determined that there is a possibility falls violations, it may perform the deletion of the product.
Article 6 (changes to products)
Trade name, and the "item number", if there is a description other than "category (genre)," "trade names" such as, you may make changes. For the other item, and if it is determined that the inappropriate at our, there is a thing to change without prior notice.
Article 7 (withdrawal disposal)
Despite the repeatedly of the request, and repeated the seller like that is a violation of the content set forth in this Agreement, will be without prior notice withdrawal disposal, such as the freezing of the sales proceeds, be pre-acknowledge that the loss of all rights will do.
Article 8 (corresponding to the seller, which was carried out illegal acts)
The company, clearly the law in spite of the fact that if I have to agree to the terms, with respect to that sales member like that became objectively clear that doing illegal acts contrary to various laws and regulations, of the social order stable make all necessary measures for.
Such as child pornography, is not limited to the damage recovery is extremely difficult to serious misconduct of the victim, such as the illegal resale of the work of a third party, in any kind of illegal activity, sell the fact that this Agreement will be applied bidder is fully aware, you want to perform the appropriate sales activities.
Revised on April 20, 2022