You can see the top 10 sales rankings for each year.

Ranking of number of sales. Since it is not a ranking of sales amount, free works and low-priced works may be ranked high.
Rankings are arranged in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. from the left.
Even if the number of sales is the same and the ranking is the same, the 10th place is displayed, so there are years when more than 10 works are displayed.
In addition, in the ranking, only works that are currently on sale are displayed, and works that have already finished selling are not displayed.

2023 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Xiaoyu Extremely Vacuumed Until Blackout
- New blood × Inexperienced - Cosplay girls' hobby is pet acting?
Xiaoyu Holding Breath in Vacuum Bag Till Blackout
Xiaomeng First Time With Film Dressing
The Girl on the Anime Exhibition, Becoming a slave doll
Doller's days 01
Beautiful Latex Body Multiple Breath contrlpaly
Rebreath Rubber Girl 8 & Breathplay Torture Girl 13 set

2022 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Xiaoyu in Vacuum Bag with Empty Lungs and Blackout
Xiaoyu Bagged Dice Games
Xiaomeng Becomes a Latex Kitty Part 2
Xiaoyu Dress-up and Blackout in Vacuum Bag
Xiaomeng Becomes a Latex Kitty
Xiaoyu Training, Escape Challenge and Punishment Blackouts
Latex × Latex × Latex Multiple Breath Control
Xiaomeng in Vacuum Bed Teased with Tape
Multi layer & Close to face & 10 MinuteV acuum

2021 Annual Ranking TOP 10

2020 Annual Ranking TOP 10

2019 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Black Painting 011
Rebreath Rubber Girl 6
Black Painting 013
cosplay mummy 2

2018 Annual Ranking TOP 10

2017 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Box packing 03
Body Wrapping Vol.02
abnormal days. 01
Late night kigurumi play
abnormal days.02
Holy night bondage play

2016 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Body Wrapping Vol.01
Mummification ver.021
Pregnant woman's dog play & human toilet play
Self Mummification No.01
Mummification ver.018
Pregnant woman in vacbed
Mummification ver.013
Box packing 02
Mummification ver.019
Mummification ver.014

2015 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Facial aquarium NG
Inflatable Orca suit
Rubber dog set
Private doll 4
Private Doll TS 2

2014 Annual Ranking TOP 10

Rebreath Rubber Girl 4
Private Doll TS ~まゆみちゃんの逆襲~
Human vacuum pack Light 02
Rebreath Rubber Girl 3
Inflatable Orca suit

2013 Annual Ranking TOP 10 (April to December)

chair girl
Clay 01
White Painting 004
Private doll
Black Painting 009